The Impossibility of Being More or Less Specific (2017) is an exploration of the history of queer space in Windsor. Emerging out of an interest in the fluctuating function, designation, and use of space, and the history of queer occupancy in the region, this project explores sites which are currently, or have previously been, designated as queer spaces or have been otherwise queered through active occupation and use by queer people.

This project highlights the ongoing struggle for the queer community to make space for itself in a heteronormative society, the transient nature of queer space, and the continuous and often unnoticed presence of queer people throughout history. Additionally, the work explores the differing ways in which queer people situate themselves within small or rural cities and challenge the narrative that they need to live within large metropolitan centres in order to live fulfilling open lives.

Installed at the Art Gallery of Windsor as part of Downtown/s: Urban Renewal Today for Tomorrow, curated by Jaclyn Meloche