Reaching Down but Looking Up (2020), vinyl, two-sided screenprint on paper

Reaching Down but Looking Up (2020) is meant to capture a fragment of an ongoing Queer history. It reflects on loss, community, and the history of transitory Queer space, but more importantly, it questions the future. Where do we find ourselves next and how do we get there?

This work was installed at the Art Gallery of Windsor as part of Conversations: the Windsor-Essex Triennial of Contemporary Art 2021, curated by Ray Cronin and Lucas Cabral.

Yearning in Orange (2021) iron-on patch, silkscreen print. ed. 12

Split amongst the artists and existing as both one and twelve pieces, Yearning in Orange acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy. It both calls for a bigger world and creates one, as a network of twelve words in twelve different places. Existing in a non-place, it is about isolation and connection, but maybe more accurately it is about uncertainty and disorientation.

This project was created for Undecimals 2021.

I Haunt the Prairies, and They Haunt Me Back (2021)

tethers, Between Pheasants Contemporary, Kerns, ON (group show curated by Alexander Rondeau)

Documentation by Alexander Rondeau

12 Variations of an Uncertain History (2020), double-sided screenprints on folded paper, 5x15 inches each

There are memories that stick with us for unknown reasons. Many of which exist without context but form our understanding of ourselves. 12 Variations of an Uncertain History is an exploration of these memories. Consisting of 12 individual prints, the project draws on my memories to create a series of text vignettes reflecting on my religious, rural upbringing. 12 Variations of an Uncertain History explores the complicated ways in which we relate to places, memory, and experience without trying to define them.

Created while participating in Roundtable Residency, this project was designed to be interactive and exist both online and in person. The prints were mailed out to the first twelve people that requested them and documentation of each print was posted online once it had been claimed.

HERE (2021) print materials, ed. 80

This work is about sex. And space. And loneliness. And desire.

It's about observation. And tension. And discovery.

It's about finding the comfort of the familiar amongst the unknown.

It's about repetition and variation. And the visible and invisible.

But most importantly, it's about perception.

It's about whether or not you know what's happening around you. Whether or not you know what I'm doing here.

This project was made possible with financial support from the City of Windsor's Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund (ACHF) as part of their COVID-19 Enhanced Funding Round and with the technical and studio assistance of Anthony Di Fazio. I am incredibly grateful for the support I have received and would not have been able to complete this project without it.

To receive a free copy of this project, please contact.